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“I had a complex business transaction.  I was concerned about getting things right and everything was taken care of By Alexis Gonzalez.  He is a great listener. He paid attention to all my concerns and addressed them all very well.  We made all the negotiations, amendments and subcontracts as needed to get all the protection I needed. He was very resourceful and knowledgeable. I felt very well represented. I definitely recommend this attorney and his firm.” — Juan, Miami

Representing Business Owners

A boutique law firm based in Miami, Florida. Gonzalez Law was founded on a family tradition spanning 40 years of providing quality, efficient, and personalized legal services to business owners and their families. As we continue that tradition in a new era, we are redefining the conventional law firm model. By utilizing the latest technologies, our strategic relationships, and offering alternative fee structures we have set out to provide our clients with an ever more efficient and transparent legal experience.

Practice Areas

Business law covers a large area of law that concerns business and other commercial transactions. Among its many specialized areas of practice, Business law interprets and argues the laws that maintain contracts, sales, agency and employment law, business organizations, property, and bailments.

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Entertainment law is an increasingly complex area of law that deals with the legal issues of the entertainment and performance arts. It governs the legal relationships that form in the visual arts, cinema, radio, television, music, publishing and other entertainment industries.

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Intellectual property law protects the creative works of authors, composers, designers, and inventors from being pirated. There are four basic categories of intellectual property: copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. Generally, each category is used with different types of material and affords different protections.

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Real Estate Law is a branch of civil law that covers the rights to possess, use, purchase and develop land. It includes law regarding the capacity to hold interests in real property, the relationships between owners, tenant landlord disputes, and property financing. A Real Estate lawyer can help you navigate these contracts and transactions to protect yourself and your property from legal action.

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Estate Planning helps someone control their property while they’re alive, take care of themselves and their loved ones if they become disabled, and distribute their property after they pass away. Estate Administration is a court-administered process of distributing goods to your loved ones, ensuring there will be no confusion about what happens to your belongings.

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Alexis Gonzalez | Founding Member


Alexis Gonzalez | Founding Member

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