Business Lawsuit Prevention: Help, My Business Is Being Sued! Let’s Rewind

Imagine for a moment that your business is the target of a lawsuit. Perhaps one of your products caused an allergic reaction in one or your customers. Or maybe your biggest contract fell through and you could no longer afford to pay your supplier. In the business world, things happen. That fact is why business [...]

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Limited Liability Protection: Is Your LLC Actually Protected?

Outside of certain situations, very often an LLC is suitable if not the best structure for most businesses today. My name is Alexis Gonzalez. I’m the founding member of Gonzalez Law. I focus primarily on business law, helping business owners and their families with limited liability protection. Does Your LLC Have Limited Liability Protection? [...]

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Heard of the New Partnership Audit Regime? New Year, New Rules

When you're partnering, a new partnership audit regime will take effect in 2018. These new rules will change the way partnerships and partners owe taxes. If your business is a partnership, you need to plan for these changes. Here are a few things about the audit regime that might affect you: Partnership Audit Taxes Under [...]

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Business Lawsuit Protection

As a business lawsuit protection attorney, the most common disputes that I see arise between business owners are contract disputes between service providers or contractors and employees, and ownership issues with intellectual property. So some examples of disputes that arise that I’ve dealt with prior to getting to litigation. One would be, there was an [...]

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4 Reasons to Start Estate Planning Now

It’s not something that anyone wants to think about. Most people are too busy building a future and enjoying their lives to think of what will eventually, inevitably happen. But preparing every aspect of your life for death is exactly what you need to do if you want your legacy to survive and your family [...]

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Entertainment Lawyer Tips: Protecting Your Rights

If I'm a musician or my company represents artists, how necessary is it for me to hire an entertainment lawyer? That's a question I get asked a lot by the people I meet in the music industry. The answer is probably best illustrated with an example. When I first started working in entertainment in 2000, [...]

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Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

Do I Need a Business Lawyer? If you haven’t drafted an LLC operating agreement, you’re going to want to talk to a partnership lawyer as soon as you can. What’s an LLC operating agreement, and more to the point, what exactly is an LLC, you say? I’m glad you asked. Allow me to begin with [...]

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Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in a Startup: Is It Worth It?

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in a Startup: Is It Worth It? It’s no secret that protecting intellectual property can be time consuming and expensive. When you’re just starting out in business—say if you’ve got a startup you’re trying to get off the ground—time and money are two things you probably can’t spare. According to the Lean Startup Methodology, focusing on getting [...]

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Writing your Memoirs?

You are a happy author and may be either in the process, or almost finished, writing a book that contains memoirs of some of your friends’ life experiences. Before you go forward to either distribute copies or publish it, have you thought about getting legal releases from your friends? You say that your friends [...]

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The law of habitability and residential property

MIAMI, FL- The law of habitability primarily protects renters of residential property. It is what makes maintenance of the property the responsibility of the landlord, who must comply with local building and health codes that, in aggregate, define habitability. The failure to keep a property in a habitable condition gives the renter the right [...]

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