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Gonzalez Law –

Trusted Miami Business Attorney

What is Business Law and how can a Miami Business Attorney help?

  • Business law is a wide body of law that governs business and commercial transactions. Alexis Gonzalez, Miami Business Attorney, is passionate about providing effective and compassionate legal advice to business owners and their families

  • Business law encompasses the law governing contracts, sales, agency and employment law, business organizations, property, and bailments. Gonzalez Law is an experienced Miami Business attorney with decades of experience helping business owners navigate the legal framework of this branch of law.

  • Other areas include insurance, and consumer and creditor protection. Regardless of your needs, a Miami business attorney can ensure your legal rights are protected!

As a Miami Business Attorney, we also deal with issues such as:

  • Starting a business
  • Selling or buying a small business
  • Managing a business
  • Dealing with employees
  • Interpreting contracts

Commercial law includes :

  • All aspects of business

  • Including advertising and marketing

  • Collections and bankruptcy

  • Banking

  • Contracts

  • Negotiable instruments