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Entertainment law is an increasingly complex area of law that deals with the legal issues of the entertainment and performance arts. It governs the legal relationships that form in the visual arts, cinema, radio, television, music, publishing and other entertainment industries.

Among the legal concerns that entertainment law governs, labor and employment, intellectual property, and contractual agreement disputes are some of the most common. Entertainment law also handles dispute resolution and arbitration between parties.

A relationship with an attorney versed in the issues of the entertainment industry is essential for all actors, writers, musicians, and others who are part of entertainment production.

The laws that govern the rights and responsibilities of creative production are notoriously complex and require an expert to interpret and, when disputes arise, to argue a case to the courts.

  • It’s never been easier to claim a spot in the public eye. With the advent of social media, it’s not just rich celebrities and movie stars who need to have a good attorney by their side anymore. Regular, everyday people are making a name for themselves every single day. Quitting a day job to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, whether through social media or more traditional routes such as acting or singing, is a big step to take—one that shouldn’t be taken alone.

  • When intellectual property is stolen, for instance, an attorney with experience in the entertainment sector can help you recoup any losses or royalties that rightfully belong to you. Likewise, employment contracts that come under dispute are best looked over by a seasoned attorney with experience working with those in the entertainment industry. Entertainment attorneys can also help you with legal areas such as copyright infringement cases, distribution and merchandising rights, and publicity rights, just to name a few.

If you are employed in any of the following sectors of the entertainment industry, you should consider contacting an experienced entertainment lawyer:

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