Estate Planning Law

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Estate planning is summed up best in the following manner:

“My property is my property. I want to maintain control of it while I’m alive. If I should become disabled, I want to take care of my family while maintaining autonomy over my estate. If I am unable to make these kinds of decisions, whether due to age or injury, I want to know that the members of my family will receive the care they need. I want to be able to give what I have to whoever I want, whenever I want, for whatever reason I deem necessary. Furthermore, when it comes to taxes, professional fees, and court costs, I want to save as much of my money as legally possible.”

Estate administration or Probate is a court-supervised process to accomplish the transfer of property from a deceased individual to either the decedent’s beneficiaries as identified in the decedent’s will, or to the decedent’s heirs if the decedent died without a will. Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person by resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person’s property according to a valid will

Estate planning law and administration includes practice areas such as:

If you are concerned about the future of your estate, the best course of action you can take to preserve your legacy is to find a qualified, experienced attorney you can trust. The guidance that you get when you partner with a lawyer that handles estate planning will give you peace of mind so you can stop worrying and start planning for your family’s future.

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