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Are You Tired Of Attorneys Who Bill By The Hour?

Unlike most other attorneys, Gonzalez Law offers unique recurring plans that allow our clients to receive more work for less money than if they were paying by the hour. By automating the billing process and eliminating time tracking and billing hassles, we are able to deliver better services to you for less money, in a way that allows us to become an extended member of your team who can proactively work for you. Our unique recurring model also allows your business to spread out your legal expenses over time in smaller monthly increments. You will never again need to worry about whether you are being charged for chatting about your family or how your vacation went.

The plan levels below provide guidelines as to your required support. With these plans, we agree to work together to handle the indicated categories of business transactions. As long as our work falls within that general category, your business can remain at that plan level. We won’t nickel and dime you for periodic needs that fall outside of that category, we’ll be flexible. As your needs grow, we’ll provide the option of upgrading to the next higher plan, or spreading out the projects over a longer period of time in order to remain within our budget. We also handle flat fee and/or hourly projects on occasion for clients who aren’t ready for a recurring plan. Not sure what you need? Ask us!