Small Business Legal Advice

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Small Business Legal Advice

Our Small Business Legal Advice services cover a large area of law that concerns business and other commercial transactions. Among the many specialized areas of small business law we can help you navigate, we’re well-versed in interpreting and arguing the laws that maintain contracts, sales, agency and employment, business organization, property, and bailments.

Other areas of our small business legal advice services include help establishing and managing insurance, employee and independent contractor agreements. As well as providing assistance for issues that come with starting, selling, or buying a small business, dealing with employees, and interpreting contracts. Our knowledge in commercial law includes all aspects of business, including advertising and marketing, collections and bankruptcy, banking, contracts, and negotiable instruments.

We know that many entrepreneur-owned companies have the mentality of a small business, and we’re here to help every step along the way, ensuring your company is protected and operates legally. Securing your intellectual property and helping you structure the proper agreements with business partners is our primary goal as we work together to create a business succession plan that can scale for the growth of your company.

Small business owners and operators of all stripes—whether acting as part of a corporation, partnership, LLC, or sole proprietorship—can benefit from a relationship with an attorney experienced in business law. Anyone who has experience running a business knows that many situations requiring small business legal advice or representation can arise without warning.

  • One common reason people seek the advice of a business lawyer is due to creation or implementation of contracts regarding employment. During the process of writing or signing a contract, it’s always nice to have someone who speaks the language and can break down the terms of the agreement for you in plain language. Small business owners are constantly drafting, reviewing, signing and implementing contracts of all types. We’re here to keep you achieve growth and reach your business goals while keeping your company safe from legal action.

  • Although contracts are a huge part of any small business owner’s life, they’re not the only thing our firm can help you with! Small business legal advice covers a wide breadth of topics including business creation, business dissolution, employee disputes, taxes, commercial litigation, intellectual property, business partnerships, business succession plans and the purchase and sale of small businesses.

If you are a business owner who needs legal advice or representation, you can trust Gonzalez Law to give you support and guidance that will help your business succeed. Gonzalez Law follows a 40-year family tradition of providing personalized legal services to business owners and their families. We believe that the most successful legal relationships are built on transparent communication, mutual trust, and a sense of teamwork. Our guarantee to you is that when we are working on your case, you will have our undivided attention. We will work hard to give you the most practical solutions to your legal issues. Let us be the Law Firm you and your business can count on for all your legal needs.